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My Name Is Diana Steffen, and Im a Photographer and a Videographer. I have been owner of my company, Sweet Dee Photography for 3 years. I met my husband Cory in collage and together we are a duo team. We capture weddings, portraits, fashion, boudoir, fitness and events. He has his own company, Cory Steffen Photography. Being a duo team has allowed us to be more creative and design lighting to create a style that our clients are looking for.

Cory and I are newlyweds! We got married Aug 12th, 2016. Being able to create and materialize ideas with him has been amazing. I met him while getting my degree in Digital Film and Video Production at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. He got his degree in Digital Photography. Working on projects together we have taught each other a lot about photo and video. 

I first fell in love with the arts my last year of high school, and studied video at some workshops at Spy Hop Productions. I co directed and produced a short film, Mother Superior. This short was an official selection at The Sundance Film Festival. It was a winner at the LA Student Film Festival, Tutuari Film festival and short film of the year from the Fear no Film Festival. have also won filmmaker of the year at the RAW art gallery show last year, and have a few other recognitions.

I went to Salt Lake Community College and spent 3 years studying various subjects and the last 5 years in Video production at The Art Institute. I enjoy photos and video so much, because I love storytelling, and freezing a moment in time that you can come back to, and enjoy again and again. perhaps someday the grandchildren of some of our clients can look back on those moments.  

                                                           My family is from Colombia and Peru, and they moved to Salt Lake City, where I now reside.

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